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FALL REGISTRATION CLOSED - please email if you have questions, spring will open at a later date.
SPRING: Stay informed about spring season (Feb-Apr)

Please read Parent & Wrestler page for details about the club and what is needed to participate.... Please see Calendar for practice schedule

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2016 Fall Roster

Roster as of 10-19-16
The green highlighted means items have been received already, If your child's name is in pink at the bottom registration is possibly in complete, please contact if any info is in accurate, Thanks!

MRWC GIVING BACK - Get your $100

MRWC has a goal to never turn away any wrestler, if you need assistance with registration, uniform, or want your child to have the cool extras we have to offer, well we do too!

Mat Rattler is a non profit organization that puts everything back into the sport and its participants. We have a fundraiser every year, and this year we are offering up to $100 back to each wrestler who participates, you can use this for registration or any Mat Rattler gear you want and/or need.