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couple things things to keep in mind,

if you already have a singlet but need a new size, select a returning
wrestle package and for $20 you can exchange for a new size, this leads me
to the next item.

we are planing to have a gear swap on wednesday of week 2 or 3, this is
where we can do the singlet exchange.

[Contact Mat Rattlers Users] Registration is now open!!!

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Hello All,

Registration is now open!

I hope your excited for the fall season, i know we are! it is our 25th
anniversary, technically its official in January, but with us adding a fall
season last year and it becoming our new start date for the seasons we are
celebrating early.

You will find we have new package options, different discount options, with
incentives to order extra gear early! Please be careful when using the
discount codes make sure you understand how they work and you use them

Mat Rattler Wrestling Club (MRWC) Meeting / BBQ

semi kid friendly... if they are loud i make them do push ups :-)

Location: MRWC Clubhouse - 1008 n rd 45 Pasco Wa, 99301

Time: 6:00pm


Recap of last season

Establish board members and roles

Upcoming season plans for fall and spring

New registration options and packages

Open discussion/BBQ

Potluck BBQ :

we will have burgers, dogs, & some beverages